We first became involved with pugs in 1984.  At that time I was showing boxers under the affix Danjoel,  Joel (my son) handled them in JHA, he then decided that he wanted a dog of his own - so we made a deal - if he passed his 11+ he could have any dog he wanted..  Well he did pass an so the search started. Prior to his agreement we met Ellen Brown (Goodchance) at a local open show, and that was when Joel decided tha his dog had to be a pug.  Several phone calls were made, but we could not find a bitch puppy, by sheer coincidence I telephoned Ellen Brown and she told me of a litter out of her champion bitch "Sneezwort Lily Langtry of Goodchance" but there were only dog puppies available, so of we went to Kent where we met Beverley Purbrick (Sneezwort).  The date Monday 9th June a day before Joel's birthday.  We ended up coming home with Goodchance Teddy Boy of Sneezwort (Reagan). Joel had a lot o fun with Reagan winning many Best Puppy and Best of Breed awards.  Firsts at championship shows and his junior warrant.  His biggest win was at Cruft where the KCJO Stakes were held for the first time.  He won the Toy Group and walked into the big ring, when he came out he said "that was great and I would love to do it again in the breed". In 1987 we purchased another two puppies out of Lily Langtry, Goodchance Veronica (Bonnie) and Goodchance Flower Power (Clyde) who Joel made into a champion and indeed did get Best of Breed at Crufts 1990 and was placed 3rd in the Toy Group.  He won 9 cc and 5 rcc with BOB 7 times.  He won the Champion Stakes at Windsor, KCJO Crufts BIS.  Crufts was definitely his favorite show as he also won a RCC an twice got Best Veteran. The affix "Ragemma" was applied for in 1989.